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Sardinia Mountain Biking

The map opposite shows the main mountain biking areas in Sardinia.  These are concentrated in the central and southern part of Sardinia where the island’s highest and most important groups of mountains are found.  There is a great variety and difficulty of mountain biking to choose from.  This ranges from relaxed climbs on smooth dirt roads and easy fast descents, to a series of difficult and technical trails (both up and down) deep in the mountains.

  1. In the central eastern coast around regions Nuoro and Ogliastra. In the south of this region the granite and schist hills offer easier and more rideable trails. Further north are the limestone plateaus of the Supramontes that are steeper with many steep, rocky and rough rides along cart and mule tracks left by shepherds and charcoal burners.
  2. In the south-west of Sardinia.  In this mountainous area of Sardinia there are many abandoned mines amongst the villages that have created a paradise for the mountain biker.  A combination of old mining tracks, mule tracks, paths and abandoned railway lines (complete with tunnels) have been used to create some great routes in these remote mountains.  Old miners paths which involve more climbing than the railway lines and tunnels become single track descents you won’t easily forget.
  3. South-east Sardinia.   This area is dominated by Monte Serpeddi to the north of the island’s capital Cagliari.  Again there is a great variety of mountain biking routes that will surprise you for its continuous changes of landscape.  These include steep mountain paths as well as many woods and forests.

What guidebooks are available for Mountain Biking in Sardinia?

Sardinia Mountain Biking guidebookThe Sardinia Mountain Biking guidebook (published by Versante Sud) describes 77 excellent mountain biking routes in the south and central Sardinia, in the areas shown on the map opposite.  The guidebook concentrates on the areas of Sardinia where the island’s highest and most important groups of mountains are found. The majority of the routes are circular that are quickly reached from the main towns and cities.

The photo opposite shows one of the many stunning Sardinian mountain biking trails in a great location.

Map of the Main Mountain Biking Areas in Sardinia

Map of the Main Mountain Biking Areas in Sardinia
Photo of mountain biking in Sardinia

Sardinia Mountain Biking guidebook

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Accommodation for mountain bikers in Sardinia
Accommodation for mountain bikers in Sardinia