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Discover the best places to go rock climbing in The Caribbean
Rock climbing in the Caribbean

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Rock Climbing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is not your obvious place to go rock climbing but there is a surprising amount of rock on these idyllic islands with their crystal blue sea.

Rock Climbing in Cuba

Cuba is the best place in the Caribbean to go rock climb and sport climbing.  The rock climbing in Cuba is based around the Valle de Vinales in the western side of the island.  Here there are around 250 sport climbing routes in the F6a to F7c grade range, on good quality limestone rock.  Find out more about rock climbing in Cuba.

Bouldering in the Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, in the Virgin Islands, is the best place to go bouldering in the Caribbean.  The bouldering in Virgin Gorda is located in the southern part of the island, with all the best bouldering is either on the beach or in forests just behind the beach.  Many of the problems are over sandy beach landings and therefore do not require a bouldering mat.   There are hundreds of problems to climb on excellent granite rock, with more than half the problems in the V0 to V3 grade range.  Find out more about bouldering in Virgin Gorda.

Photograph of bouldering in Virgin Gorda

The photograph above shows Amanda Berezowski on Devil’s Butt, V3, in the Baths area of Virgin Gorda