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Accommodation for Rock Climbers in Arco

The majority of rock climbers stay in the village of Arco, near Lake Garda. This village has a wide choice of accommodation, ranging from expensive hotels, budget hotels, self-catering apartments and villas, B&B, and camping.

The following apartments are suitable for rock climbers, walkers and cyclists to rent on a weekly basis in Arco.

Maso Salim Apartments - Accommodation for rock climbers in ArcoMaso Salim Apartments

These apartments are situated in Drena, near Dro in the heart of the Sarca valley. Therefore it is close to Arco and all the other rock climbing and sports climbing in the Sarca valley.

There are 3 independent flats to choose from, which are as follows:

  • Ground floor flat - Maximum of 2 people.
  • 1st floor flat - For between 5 to 7 people.
  • Attic floor Flat - For between 5 to 7 people.

All flats have a kitchen, storeroom, bathroom and living room (except ground floor flat). Outside there is a barbecue, an oven to bake pizza, plus an outdoor swimming pool with panoramic view.

View the owner’s web site to find out more details about the different apartments to rent and book an apartment direct with the owner.


To advertise your apartment, villa or hotel in Arco, Dro or around Lake Garda on this page, then please contact us at Climb Europe.

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Accommodation for rock climbers in Arco
Accommodation for rock climbers in