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World Rock Climbing Destinations

Climb Europe is all about describing the best rock climbing areas around the world, to help climber's plan their rock climbing holidays, book accommodation and buy rock climbing guidebooks from our shop.

Use the map opposite to discover the best areas for sport climbing, traditional rock climbing, bouldering and deep water soloing (DWS) around the world.

Map of World Rock Climbing Areas

Rock climbing in Europe Rock climbing in the United States of America rock climbing in South Africa Rock climbing in Morocco Rock climbing in Egypt Rock climbing in Argentina Rock climbing in Mexico Rock climbing in Australia Rock climbing in Thailand Rock climbing in India Rock climbing in the Caribbean Rock climbing in Oman Rock climbing in the United States of America

Rock climbing in Europe.  Europe has an abundance of excellent and world class rock climbing areas.  Go to our map of European rock climbing areas to discover the many different options.  These include big wall rock climbing at places such as Chamonix and the Dolomites; trad climbing in England; sport climbing at places such as Kalymnos or Catalunya; bouldering at Fontainebleau and Albarracin; to deep water soloing (DWS) at Mallorca.

Rock climbing in Africa.  The bouldering to be found at Rocklands in South Africa is fast becoming a world class area to match Fontainebleau.  The Moroccan Anti-Atlas Mountains provide adventure traditional climbing on superb quartzite rock.  Find out more…

Rock climbing and mountaineering in Argentina.  The Andes run down the spine of South America and form a natural border between Chile and Argentina.  It is in this great mountain range that the best rock climbing and mountaineering in Argentina is found.  This includes the dramatic Chalten Massif in southern Patagonia, which is home to some of the most ionic peaks in the world such as Cerro Fitz Roy.  Find out more…

Rock climbing in Australia. The best places to go rock climbing in Australia are around Melbourne and Sydney. Around Melbourne there are 3 great places to go rock climbing, which are Mount Arapiles, The Grampians and Mount Buffalo.  Around Sydney the best place for rock climbing is in the Blue Mountains.  Find out more…

Rock climbing in the Caribbean.  The best sport climbing in the Caribbean is in Cuba, which is based around the World Heritage Site of The Valle de Vinales.  Here there are many excellent routes through stunning overhanging limestone rock.  The best bouldering in the Caribbean is on Virgin Gorda in the Virgin Islands.  Here there are many granite boulders, many of which are scattered along the beach.  Find out more…

Rock climbing in India is all about the world class bouldering found at Hampi in southern India.  Boulder here on fantastic granite rock in a unique location amongst ruins that are hundreds of years old.  Find out more…

Rock climbing in Mexico.  There is a wealth of different types of rock climbing to be found in Mexico, including sport climbing, traditional climbing, big wall routes, long multi-pitch routes and bouldering that exist all over the country.  El Potrero Chico is the best known rock climbing area in Mexico with hundreds of limestone sport routes and multi-pitch routes.  Find out more…

Rock climbing in Oman.  Oman has a great variety of rock climbing to choose from, including big wall routes up to 1,000m high, extensive sport climbing areas and deep water soloing (DWS).  Find out more…

Rock climbing in Thailand.  Sport climbing in Thailand has been established for many years, particularly around the Krabi area and islands of southern Thailand.  Find out more…

Rock climbing in the United States of America.  America has numerous world class climbing areas, such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Colorado. 

Yosemite, in California, is the ultimate place to go rock climbing in America. The rock climbing at Yosemite is dominated by the granite big walls of El Capitan and Half Dome, plus it also offers many shorter routes and excellent bouldering across a wide range of grades. 

Joshua Tree, also in California, is the largest climbing area in north America in terms of number of routes, with over 3,500.  The white granite rock provides numerous single and multi-pitch routes and many classic bouldering problems. 

Along with California, the state of Colorado offers the greatest variety of rock climbing in America.  Dominated by the Rock Mountains, along with classic areas such as Aspen and Boulder, there is everything from big wall aid routes, long multi-pitch routes on granite rock, limestone sport routes and sandstone bouldering at Fort Collins’s Horsetooth Reservoir.


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